How I felt about Basketball Wives!

Keep in mind that this was years ago.

I really enjoyed all of the girls until I saw how Tami Roman treated Brandy Maxiell and I think it was because Brandy did not kiss up to her

I feel like Tami ran the show instead of Shaunie O’neal (Shaq’s ex). I was a avid watcher of reality shows period, but I loved BBW and I hated the way Tami did Brandy and when she got Brandy off the show, I knew (in my mind) that it was jealousy

I haven’t watched television in almost two years so quite naturally, I’m not keeping up with the shows anymore but I see or have seen commercial announcements about the show and it appears to be great still

I’ve rerouted my lifestyle, whereas I’m more into Spiritual things. Being that I am more for spiritual things, I figured out that I could not watch all of this carnal stuff or even listen to it. I never want too do Tami or this other person the same way as they had been done!


Toilet Water!

As I was getting ready for the day and I walked into the bathroom and whatever I had in my hand, I purposely dropped in the toilet

My reaction, I couldn’t believe that happened to me. I immediately dash for the sink, where I could drown my face with soap and water. The nerve of that toilet water to come and splash on my face. I didn’t think it was heavy enough to make a plopping splash.

I learned today!

My Weightloss Journey! they say fish is not meat!

This a story about how one day I decided that I was not going to be consuming any type of meat except fish and that was because Jesus fed the 12 disciples fish, so I figured that if Jesus fed the twelve disciples fish, then it must be alright to consume

I know that every time that I left the doctors office, that they were telling me what I needed to do. One thing that I could not quit consuming and that was Argo Cornstarch. I was deeply in love with the flavor and the texture of the starch, once it was on my tongue

It was to my complete surprise, how my taste buds begin to change and how by not eating meat, my body began to shape up, I no longer want Cornstarch, but I bought it anyhow

I started realizing that if you treat your body right that it will respond in the right way. I have lost close to 50 pounds, if not more than 50

As of right now, the only meat I consume is Tuna Fish and Fried Fish, which is awesome eating. I am steadily losing weight because being 5’6″ and 180 is still too heavy

All I know is that once I started eating right, the weight just began to fall off. Oh, not only did I quit consuming meat but I became very aware of what I did consume. I made sure not to eat an overload amount

I just could not believe how my body responded to this “new thing,” that I was doing. Meat is a dish of my past lifestyle, that I no longer take joy in eating!

What I didn’t want to see!

Life can be so amazing! Many people never get the chance to learn that because their life is cut short. Why?

Love as well as Poverty is two of the reasons why. If only Love is/was taught, a lot of what is wrong with this world would be made right. If there was love one towards another, oh boy this world would soar. What makes a person not love the next person or what would make you want to kill me or vice a versa?

Poverty or coming from a poverty stricken neighborhood are magnets for children that are prison bound, solely for the reason that they experience, “Lack Of,” everything. Starting from their birth day and it continues unless they are set free of the bondage that they are in.

A lot of times, children are born out of ignorance, young girls wanting and needing to be loved, there are so many reasons why children are born, “out of season.” Crime is so high in the poverty stricken neighborhoods, which is usually where the Blacks dwell.

I witness three young black guys run into a convenience store, where there was only one way in and one way out. It appeared that an older gentleman was already in the store and as they ran into the store they were watching the door or peering out the window, which they probably shouldn’t have been doing and only seconds later, the older guy dropped from being shot, but where could they go. As they lay on the floor maybe trying to hide, the door opened…………bullets began to fly. It hurt my heart something terrible to see our young black men being gunned down by another. Remember I said that it was three young guys, well the older gentleman was the first to fall to the floor and I suppose they were trying to hide because they laid down themselves.

It really didn’t matter because where could they run and hide or do anything? They couldn’t!

When the hail of bullets was finished flying through the air and making their bodies dance, there was one lone survivor, who was guarding his body with his friend’s body, while his friend was being shot repeatedly. The young guy who survived the shooting, was probably the one that they were after. HORRIBLE!

These days, who need friends? Give me Jesus!

It’s all about our Tongue!

This body that we have, that has been given to us…we are the ones to customize it. For the better or worse than any. It’s up to you!

Okay, so one day I noticed that my ankle and my feet was swollen and by it being on the right side of my body, it was not considered odd or unusual, being that I remembered learning in school about how if ever an individual was traumatically hit on either side of their head, that the opposite side of their body would be affected.

Stemming from a car accident that I had survived years earlier, I was more than determined to go above and beyond in every aspect of my life, with the Lord’s help, obviously. Throughout the days thereafter the accident, I heard so very many doom and gloom stories, but I had to make up in my mind one day that would not be my case. I was going to succeed! In what, I did not know or how I was I was going to succeed, but with God on my side……Failure was an Option

I had heard years earlier about how powerful our tongues were and even after hearing that, I still stated some demeaning things, in which I should not have, but this new way of living and believing was going to have to become apart of me, it was gonna have to be more than a statement that I heard. I am the Head and not the tail….I shall Lend and not borrow! This shall come to pass. One must Hear and Believe that in order for it to become prevalent in their life and I can assure you that I have heard it and now I believe it

I shall succeed at whatever it is that I do because I shall give God the glory, along with speaking things into existence. I SHALL SUCCEED!

A Time in my Life!

The days that we are having now is shorter, way shorter than the days back in the day. I don’t know how the Lord does it, all I know is that he does.

I’ve experienced a lot in life and one day I will tell you all about it. I wish that I could say that I grew up in a two-parent home, unfortunately I can’t. Being raised by a single mom, there was a lot that I missed out on, which was good and bad.

I became pregnant at the age of 16, had my first and only child at the age of 17. Looking over my life, I can clearly see now that there were times in my life when the Lord placed a “Ram in the Bush,” for me. I was too blind and hardheaded to know what it was. Isn’t it crazy how one can look back over their life and know of a certainty what choice they should have made but at the present time, they do not know. WHY IS THAT?

Life or living this life, there will be moments of testing, where we are to successfully move forward in life, which means we should pass the test.

Not only is “life like a box chocolates,” but it’s also full of tests that shows whether or not we were paying attention and then we will have the FINAL EXAM. Will you PASS OR FAIL?

Highs and Lows!

This life that God has blessed me with is extraordinary, to say the least.

I remember a time when I had taken a handful of my mom’s prescription pills, which now I am convinced that they were Water Pills, since I had taken around ten or more and absolutely nothing happened, nothing at all.

I also remember when I scurried at a rapid pace, always in order to have all of my work done so that I would receive credit for my work in order to graduate. I made it!

Another scenario that I will speak of is, as I was coming home from work one day, I was involved in a two car accident at which the other pedestrians were at fault.

This life that I have lived thus far, has been very colorful!