Oh my, it’s here!

The time is almost here….school again.

You know how you can have so much that you would like to do til you just don’t know where to begin and then to top it off, where will you begin

I’ve yet to receive my license to make cakes and sell them, so it would seem logical to go ahead and start my Imperial (selling scripture-based t-shirts) Business.

I just know that there is some young Black boy who is in the system unjustly and he along with his family is suffering for it.

If I only help 1 boy, I’ll be happy because, believe it or night, spirits are behind those bars. I’ve seen it for myself and just think about those frail little boys who were disobedient at home and now they’ve been thrown in the cage with men twice their size as well as being their girlfriend….its extremely sad. That is why I stress to anyone…….Obey, Obey, Obey

Your mind is running at a rapid pace. Get a daily journal and schedule your day as its supposed to go



I Realize!

It’s not just for me

I need God to hear, as well as, answer me when I 📞, therefore I will do everything and all that I can to supplement in the House of the Lord. When I take care of God’s house, he’s gonna give me a 🏠(lol lol-jk), but forreal tho, he’s gonna watch out for me and I couldn’t ask for anything better

For one thing, you don’t want to be selfish, plus I know that without God, that it’s me who’s actually without. The 😈 has fooled so many to live a life that pleases your flesh, never explaining to you, that is corruption

So, whatever your hands find, to do in the House of the Lord, do it….from one to as many jobs as you can have…..you shall be blessed. Do your duty with a heart full of Love. If they asked of me to change the Church Vans tire…..I’ll get out there and do what I can until someone comes along and then, I wouldn’t stop there, I’d make it a very thankful and gracious experience for the helper by offering monetary value in excess of a changed tire or by being their assistant…they need a screw driver, I’ll pass the screwdriver….in need of the jack….I’ll pass the jack….they need their forehead wiped so sweat won’t run in their 👀…..I’ll wipe the sweat away

This life that I’m living is not just about myself or the things that I want, but it’s about Jesus and what he wants. I don’t even understand it all, but I’m seeking to rise, find, out whatever I can because my God is past finding out. So, I’ll never know, all there is to know about my God