When you are in the middle of a trial

I’m doing what I know and all I know, which is to fight. Lord, if you just tell me to stop, I’ll stop. Is that what you are saying or is it incentive for me to go ahead and see what the ends gonna be. Let me tell you, this battle is HOT HOT HOT

I’m listening to your Word a lot, but is it applicable to my situation. I’m trying

I recall, I remember, and I recall. I know this other trial that I went thru….Lord, you told me to go and you will take care of the rest and it was 1 or 2 days before I had to be there and people was saying, don’t go, but I went anyhow, at the last minute and you Lord, you…..turned it around and in my favor

All I know to do is just trust you. Sword in one hand as I work with the other hand



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I am a God-fearing Woman. I treat people as if they were me and how I would want someone to do me. I am a Mother of one and a Grandmother of three. I do my best to stay active for the Lord, for I know that idle hands are the devil's workshop (close enough)!

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