The wig world is a very diverse world, that I am apart of. They come in many different styles, lengths, and colors and they are so fitting to the individual if selection is done right. I did not know that I would love wearing wigs like I do, but I do. They are very very stylish, as well. You tend to look “brand new,” with the wig on. They truly have been a life saver for me and I do intend on buying more. The variation of wigs are becoming more and more explosive (to say)

I plan on investing in many more wigs!


Just Because!

You can like them more and altho that’s true it does not….does not…..mean that they are always correct

When things are strange, something’s up. TAKE NOTICE!

Church Crackheads!

There was a time when mentioning church, you were talking about singing praises to the Almighty

For quite some time now you can define church as being the place to go for a fashion show, the gossip parlor, find out who’s number one in the Pastor’s eyes, and what man or woman is dealing with who and whether or not they are cheating. Basically, they’ve turned it into a circus

I know that God would not be happy with that, just look at the instance when he threw those ppl out of the church for selling and doing whatever. He said, “My house shall be called a House of Prayer,” that still stands today

All know what a crack head is and what they are addicted to…..it’s Praying Time!

Jesus, please another tooth!

You know what….I can’t, I can’t take it. I just had 2 tooths removed last week, which required oral surgery and on to add to that, one was my Wisdom Teeth


I can’t concentrate, I can’t do anything. Just last week…..it ain’t even been a week yet that I had the other two teeth cut out of my mouth. That’s probably what was wrong with me earlier today when half of my face was hurting and it had me confined to this bed, which is UNCOMFORTABLE

My ear is hurting. Help me Jesus, please! I’m doing everything but crying and I’m about to start that, forreal too. My eye socket…..I’ve been in this room all day, laying down, sitting up, rolling around on the bed, preparing for tomorrow….just whatever. The back of my head, oh I can’t take it!

My Head or the Heater

I don’t know what’s going on because it’s like the inside of my head is on fire and the side that I was hit on, my face half be in terrible pain

I kinda figured that being in the car accident would leave some type of trauma behind because when I do turn the heater off it’s like someone is drawing helium out of a balloon. It’s terrible pain and I can’t stand it

One thing that I have noticed and that is that I cannot have the heater directly on me or when I do turn it off, I’m in a fetal position begging for mercy, from the Lord…..I know he knows all about my pain. He knows it all

I’m gonna have to make an appointment with my Neurologist

Yet, I am already healed!


It is needed!

One thing that I have learned is that, without the proper amount of sleep, you are not operating at your best

I remember in high school, students who stayed up late, were always being reprimanded on how they need their sleep in order to have a successful day at school, the following day. During our testing days, it was imperative that one operated on a full nights rest, which equated to receiving eight hours of sleep

If you had a good nights rest, it generally showed the next day. Sleep is vital and a gift from God


Big Nasty Burn!

It happened so quick

I do believe that I was getting ready to fry some okra and I was warming the grease up and stretched my arm over the top of the skillet, which had the grease in it when suddenly, it popped and the grease leaped up out of skillet and latched onto my arm and then I gave this very loud scream, in which I’m quite sure everyone heard me and I did not care

At first, I wasn’t going to the doctor but since I call myself mentioning it, they have had me at the doctor every week since I was burned. I guess the attention is nice. I feel as though I am spoiled when I’m at the doctor

I do not care for how my arm looks at this moment, but it is what it is. I’m just trusting God that it’s gonna be all beautiful when this is over with. It looks gross, to me