My duties!

Yesterday I marched across the street, went inside the living facility and I was totally shocked again. I seen many individuals younger than I am and I gasped. Oh my!

God, if it were not for you and your mercy, there goes I….I recall someone told my mom, that’s is what she was gonna have to do to me and maybe if she had of, I wouldn’t be where I am today or I wouldn’t be as far as I am now

I give God all the glory for bringing me through, just like in Shawshank Redemption, I had to go through in order to come out on the other side. Just as Andy Duphrane had to walk and glide through all of that feces, as well as urine, he did not take his eyes off the prize of coming out on the other side and being a free man

So, even though it gets trying and hard, sometimes….it’s God’s choice of method. Continue to Pray and Fast and you shall succeed. Many people can’t testify to that simply because while they are going through, they complain and cry out to God to be delivered out of a situation, when had they finished the trial they would have been a brand new person. Ready to be used by God!

Unite your spirit with God’s spirit!


I was confused!

I recall being called an expletive word – Nigger, shocked I was (so I say to myself)….you got him now, I’ve been waiting to use my powers. Here goes….I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…..then afterwards, he asked for my number….I was like What

So, I was like…..Lord, did it work? I’m confused because he was supposed to Shut up n settle down

Chile, I was rebuking everything and everybody.

I remember rebuking this man on the internet and he shut up and disappeared, so I was like hey hey hey


It’s such a wonderful feeling, to know that you are loved by God and he don’t want to share you with anyone except your husband/wife (if you are a male and you’re reading this)

The fact that God will take care of you like no other is mind boggling. Just, oh God, I’m so very sorry because I wasted time after time after time, not adhering to you or your Word. I didn’t know but I had the opportunity to know, but I said …forget it….and returned to a lifestyle of impoverishment

Only had I known

That’s how I know that people are not happy when they haven’t surrendered to you, Lord because I’ve been there and I know how it feels. I know what it feels like to be driving and you’ll keep driving, just to get away, but where will you go

Then it’s like…I need you so much for my family so I can’t go anywhere, then or now, I can only fall at your feet and make my petition known to you by asking you for your mercy

I don’t know what to do… I don’t know what to do…I don’t know…I trust you, I trust you….what else is there for me to do….I need you, Lord. I’m your child….I belong to you. Show me what to do, show me.

*Get up tomorrow and go, but Trust me as you go*

I will trust you!

Ruth & Obedience!

There has always been something about Ruth, from the KJV bible. Boaz and Ruth

To me, it’s sort of a love story, but it’s also a story of obedience that once it had been done, positive reactions followed

From Ruth telling Naomi that “Your God will be my God,” to Boaz making provisions for Ruth in his field and she was not to go to the neighboring fields, Boaz saw to it that she didn’t, whereas she gleaned enough from their fields

Later, Ruth became Boaz’s wife and they had a son. It’s just something about Obedience…..Lord, I don’t ever want to disobey you again, ever. There are no words for the way that My God makes me feel, it’s unexplainable and just think about how much time that I wasted out there in a world of sin, looking for love, while being beat up and pregnant, at the same time. Don’t feel sorry for me because I got’em back. It was very funny!

Let me end this article by telling you this. Obey, obey, and obey more. Do all you can to seek out Obedience, no matter what. The 🌎 places no value on being obedient, but there is much value. Do all you can to obey, you can always begin today!

I must look to you!

He walked in, I looked and gave a smile, which was not reciprocated. My heart went thump-a-thump. I mean it was a disheartening look, then again that’s probably just how I took it.

I didn’t know what I know now and the only way that I know it now, is because the Spirit told me. This right here, makes me never want to watch television again or become consumed with the shows on t.v.

I need you Father and I need you now. I don’t understand…I don’t know what is going on, but I do realize and know that I need you! Help me please….You don’t have to remove me from the battle….just go before me and while I’m fighting, stay beside me…. I can’t even concentrate

For a second Lord, it will make you wonder…..Why have you forsaken me…..but I know you haven’t. You promised to be with me always, even until the end of this world and I thank you for that. Lord, is this a trial? Help me…..I need to hear you. I can’t flake out or draw back, give me the strength to march through…onto Zion, that beautiful city of God!

What am I to do-Trust God!

I’m all kinds of confused now, I’m not sure what to do

I know that I want to live for the Lord and I am doing my best to do that. There’s a situation that has become a dependent (so to speak) that I need to take care of

To start off, I have years of fasting up under my belt and when I first started to fast every weekend, it was in desperation, simply because I wanted something that God didn’t want me to have. I cried and I cried, until the day came and I didn’t cry anymore. About two years later, I cried at the thought but, I know, for about a year, every weekend, I fasted and actually, it took my mind off negative things and I consumed myself with doing things in the house of the Lord…it really helped me

Lord God, I need you…expeditiously! You said in your Word….lo I am with you always, even until the end of the world. I can’t do anything without you. Now, I am all of confused and I don’t want to be wrong. It’s been close to a year ago when you told me something that I gave you my rebuttal on. I’m sorry for that, please forgive. I thank God for Jesus because when Jesus came, also mercy came

Lord God, how do I know all of this if your spirit wasn’t telling me. Every time I know and it’s a wow moment. It puts me in Awe, it really does! I hear your Spirit because it dwells in me!